Young Musicians' Class | Orange Tree Children's Nursery



Young Musicians’ Class

Every child loves music! Experts agree that music can strengthen a chlid’s mind. Music is one of the core multiple intelligences. Music helps develop a child’s sense of patterning and memory skills. It also stimulates brain connections and can actually make children even much smarter.

Young musician’s class aims to develop the following skills such as:

  • Singing
  • Listening and ear training
  • indivisual and group performance
  • Sight reading
  • Music interpretation
  • Theory

Private lessons can be conducted as well. Children who are not associated with Orangr Tree Children’s Nursery can also be accomdated. Terms and conditions apply.

A group should contain of, at leas, 4 members with a maximum of 8 members.

Timings will be from 12 – 12:30pm or 12:30pm – 1pm every Sunday.

A performance and Recitals will be scheduled to measure, recognize and celebrate your child’s progress and attainment. Parents will be proud to witness their child’s growth and development.

**To learn more about the course requirements, kindly speak to Ms. Lizel.

Thank you.

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