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Juliana is a committed and passionate leader. Her skills, knowledge and understanding has enabled her to be the founding director and owner of the Orange Tree Nursery. What started as a vision is now one of Dubai’s leading nurseries, providing quality education and care for hundreds of young learners each year. As the Orange Tree slogan goes, ‘ When I learn, I grow’, Juliana is continuously undertaking new pedagogical training to continue her learning and honing her skills.



Claire is from the UK and has now lived in the UAE for nearly seven years. She started her career here by working in a school in Abu Dhabi as a Grade one and Two Teacher. Claire then decided to move to Dubai and worked in a renowned nursery as an FS1 Teacher before coming to work at Orange Tree in 2011. Miss Claire was the first Teacher at Orange Tree Nursery and was present on the day that we opened and continued to work with us as we grew. But in December 2012, she left the nursery to concentrate on her family and has since had 2 children, her youngest is now a pupil at Orange Tree. Miss Claire holds a National Certificate in Creative Arts and BA Honours Degree in Drama and briefly taught Drama in the UK before deciding to peruse a career in Early Years Teaching in the UAE. Claire had finished her International Preschool Curriculum IPC level 3 and has acquired several cache training sessions.



Victoria is a PS1 and lead teacher at Orange Tree Children's Nursery. Victoria has a proven track record for delivering outstanding teaching and learning to her pupils. Victoria has received ‘good or better’ judgments from inspections and observations. Her skill set enables her pupils to progress and develop into confident and competent learners. As a result, many of Victoria's pupils have been accepted into the most reputable, highest ranked schools in Dubai. Victoria is trusted and well respected by parents and colleagues. Victoria, who hails from the UK, is in her third year at Orange Tree Children's Nursery, is a certified teacher in early learning.



Ms. Maryana is in her fourth year at Orange Tree Children's Nursery and is an outstanding teacher. Ms. Maryana has a ‘hands on’ approach to teaching and takes great pride in witnessing her pupils’ progress and achievement – especially in literacy, numeracy and self-confidence. Ms. Maryana encourages parents to collaborate in their child’s development and welcomes parents as well as visitors to her class. Ms. Maryana holds a Master’s Degree in English Philosophy and is a certified teacher in early childhood education.



Miss Didi is a teacher from Serbia who enjoys teaching and working with your little ones. She has been working with us since November 2015. She is a holder of CACHE 2 & CACHE 3 Diploma, as well as many EYFS certificates. She holds a Pediatric First Aid qualification which makes her fully qualified. Her skill set has helped so many new learners settle and start their journey equipping them for their future tasks. Ms Didi is trusted by parents and teachers as she is always trying to provide a high quality learning experience.



Luchelle joined Orange Tree Children's Nursery in April 2015 and has settled well with her pupils, parents and colleagues. Teaching 1-2 year olds, Luchelle is keen to ensure a safe and caring environment for all children. Luchelle communicates and collaborates well with parents. As result, parents have reported how confident and satisfied they are with the experience their kids are having in the classes run by Luchelle, who is from South Africa and is qualified to teach infants and young learners. Luchelle is also a certified swimming instructor.

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