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Safa British School (SBS) Partners with Orange Tree Children’s Nursery

We are very proud to announce that placement at Safa British School will be granted to Orange Tree Children’s Nursery children. This week, the head of the Foundation Stage, Ms. Paula Allison along with Ms. Tracy McNamara, came to visit Orange Tree Children’s Nursery in Dubai. Their visit was very productive and beneficial as we discussed the future of children leaving Orange Tree as they conclude their first chapter in their educational journey. The visit also included assessing some of our children who will be moving to Safa British School. Both Ms. Paula and Ms. Tracy spent the day with us and got to know the children as well as conducted their assessment in the respective class of those moving on. They observed their routine and readiness and naturally asked them the necessary questions to ensure their readiness for the next stage. They also had the opportunity to speak to the teacher and get feedback on the children’s developmental progress throughout their time at Orange Tree Children’s Nursery. This brought to light the whole of the child apart from assessment time and gave them more insight into each child. They took a lot of notes with the purpose of understanding the individual child to further support their needs.

We would like to thank Safa British School for such an initiative. Taking time off their schedule to spend with the children prior their admission speaks a lot about the quality they will provide for those moving to SBS. It is definitely best practice that any educator will commend. We are very pleased to know that our children will continue to be cared for. As a globally recognised IPC      (International Preschool Curriculum) school, Orange Tree Children’s Nursery in Dubai continues to strive at providing quality education beyond its doors. It is a bitter sweet moment for us at Orange Tree Children’s Nursery to see out little graduates move on, nevertheless, we are very proud to see the level of attainment and progress they acquired throughout their time with us. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” ~ Dr. Seuss. We love you and we will surely miss you. Of course, you can still come and visit us. Our doors are always open.    

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