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The international Preschool Curriculum or IPC, was developed to support education and provide curriculums to preschools across the globe. The Orange Tree Children’s Nursery was one of the first institutions in the region to adopt the IPC.

We’re proud to be the first nursery in Dubai to introduce the IPC ( International Preschool Curriculum)  – and the Middle East as a whole, in fact. As a flagship school for the IPC ( International Preschool Curriculum), Orange Tree implements the IPC ( International Preschool Curriculum) and works to high compliance standards. IPC is a licensed program by KHDA, and the ministry of education in Dubai. Children have proven an outstanding record of readiness for most reputable schools in Dubai, whether they have been admitted to British, IB, or Indian schools over the past five years.

International Preschool Curriculum

Our teachers are all fully qualified and trained in IPC ( International Preschool Curriculum). The International Preschool Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum for nurseries, preschools, and kindergartens throughout the world. It’s been designed by early learning specialists, (same board that designed the IB program) and is constantly updated to reflect educational developments. It’s also designed to work in a multi-lingual approach. The main language used at Orange Tree, our nursery in Dubai,  is English, but we introduce all children to Arabic as this is a mandatory school subject in the UAE.

Orange Tree Children's Nursery in Al Jafiliya

In addition, IPC  encourages local traditions and promotes an international outlook, as well as looking at current affairs, themes and encouraging conservation and dialogue which promotes confidence. The International Preschool curriculum, IPC,  is outcome-based, setting learning objectives that targets all main areas of development. Our IPC-trained teachers work to a thematic method. For example monthly themes include, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Under the Sea’, and ‘Around the World’. It’s both fun and educational! You can see more about our curriculum at the

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