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About Us

Here at Orange Tree we deliver individualized care and learning for pre-schoolers aged 4 months to 4 years, guiding our children to reach their developmental milestones during this formative time. Our staff are kind, qualified, and committed to ensuring that every child is supported, engaged, and fully prepared for the next stage of their education.


We are proud to have been the very first IPC (International Preschool Curriculum) accredited institution in the Middle East. Now in our seventh year of operation, we have recently opened a sister branch in Muscat, Oman. Striving to uphold values of diversity and cooperation, we are dedicated to creating an enabling environment for our grown-ups as well as our children. We cherish each and every child as a unique individual, and our nursery is a safe place for all.


When I learn, I grow.’


It is important at preschool level that the children are able to develop as individuals and learn skills which will act as the foundation for their future education, such as how to follow instructions, to eat independently, to share and communicate with others, and to express their creativity and individuality.


Orange Tree has great facilities to incorporate outdoor learning into the school day, including a garden, water play area, sandpit, and a large shaded playground. Outdoor learning has been shown to have many benefits for a child’s wellbeing, and we encourage activities such as morning ‘Nature Walks’, yoga on the grass, and free play on the climbing frames to enliven the school day. The building itself offers a homely yet spacious surround for youngsters who are taking their first steps outside of the family and in to the world.

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