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I would like to share my experience with as a parent in Orange Tree Nursery. My wife and I are very happy with the school. Especially the organization and hygiene. They have a friendly environment, especially the admin and the staff and the child care attendees. My little son is having great times in the nursery.

Mohammed - Father of Ali (9 months old)

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After taking a look at 5 nurseries throughout Dubai I came across Orange Tree Nursery. When I first visited the Nursery I was impressed by the space both indoor and outdoor for my 2-year-old daughter Zaina to play. I was also excited about the fact that the nursery was so new and the owners as well as teachers were so motivated to create a great reputation for the nursery. The facility as well as the toys and play area was and always is spotless. There are various classes comprised of music and languages. My daughter is so excited each day to go to nursery. She asks about Ms. Claire and asks about her friends. She loves the environment. She comes home clean each day. She has learned colors, shapes, songs and so much more. Her enthusiasm about nursery tells me this is somewhere she will stay for a long time. This is the first time to see my daughter dancing at the fact that its a school day. Its simply amazing. I have never felt so at ease to drop her off. I would refer this school to every parent. Its a wonderful and warm place for your kids to learn and grow.

Dahlia - Mother of Zaina (2.5 years old)

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We just want to say big THANK YOU to all the staff of Orange Tree Children Nursery for making Sikandar's experience at nursery a very special and happy time. After joining the Orange Tree Preschool, we have seen very positive changes in Sikandars confidence. Social interaction is increased and much better now. Thank you for sending us the detailed weekly activity reports and very comprehensive term reports and of course the Journey Book and children own creation during activities.

Mohd Rizwan & Irshad - Parents of Sikandar (3 years old)

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Our daughter Yasmine is very happy being dropped off in the morning at her nursery. She loves the water activities and music. When she reaches home, she repeats all the songs and hymes she learned. She also imitates the good behavior skills her teacher is teaching in the classroom such as sharing and listening. Her writing skills have improved and also her Arabic language. Thank you for all the supportive efforts. The children are indeed growing in their education like trees.

Shadi & Laila - Parents of Yasmine (4 years old)

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I would like to take the chance to thank you and appreciate all the efforts within the nursery and I would like to share with you the news that Salma has been accepted at the Regent School, for the next academic year 2012-2013 and she passed her assessment smoothly which reflects the progression that was highly recognized within her behavior and knowledge due to your extensive efforts. Thanking you again and wishing you all the best.

Alyaa - Mother of Salma (3 years old)

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I would like to say thanks for the administration, teachers and all staff in the Orange Tree Children's Nursery for all the positive things they did with Rayan .You have all my respect and my appreciation.

Marwan - Father of Rayan (3 years old)

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I want to say thank you Orange Tree for the big change in my son's behavior and attitude and for everything you changed in my Omar.

Rasha - Mother of Omar (3 years old)

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I was looking since November 2011 for a good nursery to register my little son in. I found and visited Orange Tree Nursery after checking their website. The 2 ladies (Tasneem & Juliana) welcomed me and I felt so comfortable when I saw the nursery. Clean, nice villa, advanced facilities etc. My son was one and half years old when he entered the nursery, he wasn't talking, doesn't like to play with others and didn't even like going to the nursery in the beginning. But after few weeks he started talking few words, enjoying going to nursery, communicating nicely with others, knowing the meaning of clean up and know how to enjoy his time. He also learned how to carry stories and pretend to read. All the staff is so friendly and gives attention to each child. I noticed my son's progress clearly. The spring camp activities are so interesting to children and the nursery has few holidays that help the working mothers. Thank you Orange Tree for making my life easier.

Lubna - Mother of Saif (1.5 years old)

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Our mission at Orange Tree Children's Nursery is to provide an environment that builds a strong educational foundation for your child’s and all our children’s futures.

Our Vision

We are committed to working together in an environment where children, parents and teachers are safe, learning from one another, respecting individual differences and extending understanding to a diverse multicultural community.

Our Aims

  • To support every child's development and learning by providing an environment with planned experiences and activities that are challenging yet achievable.
  • To support the health and wellbeing of every child.
  • To provide caring professional relationships that will respect the feelings of children and their families.
  • To respect and value the diversity of individuals and communities.

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